Jen Psaki's Effort to Explain Why Kamala Is Going to the Border Now Fails Miserably

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You have to give it to President Donald Trump. Even not being in office, he managed to force the hand of Biden/Harris team.

As we reported, now that Trump has said that he was going to the border on June 30, they knew that more attention would be focused on the problem, likely one of the reasons they avoided sending Harris there. A very effective move by Trump to get some attention to the issue.


So finally, months after Harris was put in charge of dealing with the border, they’re finally caving and sending her to the border.

In so doing, Jen Psaki, who has done all she can to deny that there’s a crisis at the border, finally had to concede she was going because the border wasn’t under control – translation: it’s out of control.

Peter Doocy then put Psaki on the grill and set it to high, asking why now, why when she’d put down the trip before as a “grand gesture” that wasn’t necessary and said that she hadn’t been to Europe either, why was she going now? Psaki’s answer? She also said she would go at the “appropriate time.”


Apparently, the appropriate time is when your hand is forced by President Donald Trump and you’re scrambling to make the best of it while not admitting how much you’ve failed in these intervening months.

It’s been “appropriate” for a long time and even Democrats like Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) have been screaming for attention to the issue since January and demanding help for the people in the area who have just been overwhelmed. While Kamala has gone to other countries like Guatemala and Mexico and blamed issues in those countries for the problem, the heads of state there turned around and pointed the finger at the Biden/Harris policies that incited the people to come and the human smugglers to encourage them.

That’s why the problem has gotten progressively worse under Biden/Harris, with more people being detained/encountered illegally crossing at the border now than in 21 years.


So Psaki’s claim that they’ve made a “great deal of progress” is just a straight-up lie with the evidence saying to the contrary.

But if Kamala makes it to the border just for a photo op to quiet the question and refuses to do anything to actually address it, it’s not going to work. Because now the count will start on that as well: what has she actually done to solve the issues and bring down the real numbers that can be measured? She may be trying to wait until they hit the summer when the numbers do get less because of the heat. But the numbers are still going to be higher than prior years by comparison if they haven’t done anything to remediate the issues.


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