Car Runs Into BLM Protest Blocking Street, One Protester Killed

I keep inveighing against the BLM practice of blocking the streets. Now there’s another death as a result of that practice.

BLM people were out blocking an intersection in Minneapolis. They were protesting the shooting by the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force of Winston Smith. The Marshals were trying to arrest Smith for allegedly being a felon in possession of a gun. They say that Smith fired on them from a parked car and they returned fire, killing him. Law enforcement said that they then recovered a gun and spent shell casings from his car from where he was allegedly firing.


According to MPR, the protesters had blocked an intersection with at least one of their cars. An SUV came down the street at a high rate of speed and hit the car that was blocking the road. That vehicle then hit the protesters who had been playing volleyball and other games in the street, according to one of the organizers. Two people were hit, one sustained non-life-threatening injuries, the other suffered much more serious injuries and later died at the hospital.

The driver was pulled out of his car and detained by protesters. Some reports claimed that he was beaten by protesters. He also was taken to the hospital.

Police spokesperson John Elder said that Minneapolis police and the Minnesota State Patrol were both investigating the crash. Elder said, “Our preliminary investigation indicates that drug or alcohol use may be a factor in this case, and that would be on the part of the driver.”

Of course, the BLM folks immediately claimed the man was a white supremacist who had been trying to murder them, despite there being no evidence of that.

Yes, if the man was speeding and impaired, then he may be guilty of a variety of crimes, including allegedly causing her death.

But had the protesters not been, once again, blocking the streets, this would not have happened. There is no right to illegally block the streets yet they think that there is. They believe they are their streets, which is one of the things they wrote in chalk on the intersection last night. The SUV came to rest right on that chalked saying that these were “our streets.” Meanwhile, the police tolerate this and don’t stop it, and that’s why this ends up with tragic circumstances. Often, across the country, it has been BLM stopping cars that causes an issue, with them either hurting people or the motorists responding. It’s a really simple process — don’t allow the illegal blocking of intersections, these incidents will diminish and you will save lives, both BLM and motorists. But because that’s not being done, we will likely be back here again, reporting on another incident in the future.



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