Ted Cruz Swats WaPo Fact Checker Over Wuhan Lab Leak Flip-Flop

Demetrius Freeman/The Washington Post via AP, Pool

The Washington Post’s fact-checker Glenn Kessler is out with a piece today on how the Wuhan lab leak theory has “suddenly became credible,” as we reported earlier.


But what’s missing out of the story, as he retells it, are a couple of things.

First, the fact that it was always a credible theory — the media just didn’t want to recognize it. The media was very reluctant to investigate or even touch the story that the Wuhan coronavirus might have come as a result of a lab leak. The media was invested in trying to blame the spread of the virus on President Donald Trump and they didn’t want anything else to intrude on their effort — like actually holding China accountable for what was already known about them trying to cover up the virus. It’s scandalous that the media and Democrats took that tack, rather than demanding more facts from China and getting behind a full investigation into the question. Even now, as we pointed out, apparently Joe Biden is leaving it in the hand of the World Health Organization to investigate, the same WHO that has shown it can’t be trusted on the subject. It’s not clear that there’s a concurrent Biden investigation going on.

Second, Kessler leaves out of his new story and timeline his own part in claiming that the lab theory was “doubtful.”


He even attacked Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), claiming the lab leak theory was “virtually impossible.”

Now, he owes him a big apology.

As we reported, new evidence is showing that there’s more reason to believe it, with multiple researchers from Wuhan Virology Institute coming down with illness in Nov. 2019 that required hospital care.

But there was evidence to suggest it at the time, as Cruz pointed out.



I also pointed out at the time, in response to Kessler’s dig at Cruz, that Kessler might want to have a conversation with the intel community.


Indeed, the intelligence community agreed with Cruz that it was a possibility because they were investigating it at the time. They obviously didn’t think it was “virtually impossible.” Whether they are still looking at it under Biden is a good question.

Cruz had one simple response, decimating Kessler’s effort to paper over all the facts today.


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