Dems Will Flip Over New Poll With Great News for Trump, Not So Much for Kamala

AP Photo/Brynn Anderson

There’s a new survey out about 2024, and it has great news for President Donald Trump.

Even after being shut down on social media and having his primary avenue of communication — Twitter — cut off, turns out the Republican base still wants Trump to run for president again.


According to a new McLaughlin & Associates survey, 73% of the base wants Trump to run again in 2024. Even more would vote for him if he did run, with 83% saying they would do so. Those are some pretty big numbers, and it’s clear that it means the base hasn’t moved on from Trump.

So, how do other possible, 2020 primary candidates stack up against him? No one is even close; he completely stomps every other possibility, at 57%.

The person in second is perhaps surprising. It’s Vice President Mike Pence at 10%. What about Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who seems to be the second name in other polls? He’s at 8% in this one. Nikki Haley was at 5%. Every other name was lower.

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) shows up at 1% on this poll, and that’s likely an overestimate. I think that shows she has absolutely no constituency.

Meanwhile, what about the Democrats in 2024? 64% thought that Biden was not likely to serve out his term. Even 51% of Biden voters thought that. That doesn’t look great for Biden, although Biden has suggested he would likely try to run again.

Keeping that in mind, the poll asked how a Democratic 2024 primary would stack up without Biden: Kamala led with 35%, Michelle Obama at 16%, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) at 7%, and Pete Buttigieg at 6%.


But perhaps the thing that is going to cause the Democrats to have a complete meltdown is how a projected race between Trump and Kamala Harris would end up.

According to the survey, Trump would trounce Harris, 49% to 45%.

Now, obviously, 2024 is a long way off, but Democrats definitely will not be happy with that prediction. It’s also consistent with the prior poll we reported on that showed that Americans delivering a brutal rejection of Harris — that Americans had an unfavorable opinion of her 48% to 41%, with the critical Independents having an unfavorable opinion of her, 57% to 32%.

Add to that all the mess that unfortunately Biden is going to leave in his wake, the desire to bring back Trump is going to keep growing.



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