Donald Trump Explains Why Comparing Biden to Carter Is Unfair

Donald Trump Explains Why Comparing Biden to Carter Is Unfair
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We’ve been seeing a lot of comparisons of Joe Biden to Jimmy Carter over the past week, with a variety of things blowing up.

I wrote last weekend about how Donald Trump, Jr. seemed to start the discussion on it, talking about the terrible jobs report, the rising prices, and inflation concerns. Twitter immediately rushed to Biden’s defense suggesting that somehow the comparison to what a horrible president Jimmy Carter was, was confusing.

My colleague Jennifer Oliver O’Connell also saw the comparison in a piece she did on the lines for gas and the shortages (yes, Joe Biden and Jennifer Granholm, there are shortages). Flashbacks to looks like this from the 1970s.

But President Donald Trump is weighing in and telling us that this comparison isn’t quite right and it isn’t quite fair in a rather brilliant assessment.

“I see that everybody is comparing Joe Biden to Jimmy Carter,” Trump said. “It would seem to me that is very unfair to Jimmy Carter.”

Ba da boom.

But he’s right and he had a greater point beyond the snark.

Jimmy mishandled crisis after crisis, but Biden has CREATED crisis after crisis. First there was the Biden Border Crisis (that he refuses to call a Crisis), then the Biden Economic Crisis, then the Biden Israel Crisis, and now the Biden Gas Crisis. Joe Biden has had the worst start of any president in United States history, and someday, they will compare future disasters to the Biden Administration—but no, Jimmy was better!

Carter inherited the inflation from Gerald Ford. He made it worse because he had no idea what he was doing, but he didn’t create it.

Biden was stuck with the pandemic, but the underlying economy prior to the pandemic was a terrific economy, the border was in check, Israel was largely peaceful, gasoline was plentiful and cheap. He’s managed to screw up everything that Trump had left in relatively good order in the span of four months. That takes real talent for incompetence.

So in that sense, he’s worse than Carter and we are being unfair with that comparison.

Trump continued with a further point that also rings true.

If there were long and horrible gas lines like this under President Trump, the Fake News would make it a national outrage! Did Joe Biden put Hunter in charge of our energy, with all of his Burisma experience? Even Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm is lost!

If this had happened under Trump, we’d never hear the end of it from the media. But so far, the media has largely been giving Biden a pass.

However, there’s only so much they can do in this regard. The media can sell a lot of things. They can’t paper over the rising prices of gas and other materials. The gas station across from my office just went up another ten cents. It was $2.89 yesterday, now it’s $2.99. It’s gone up 19 cents in two days. They can’t paper over shortages. Those are the things that people feel in their pocketbooks and are hit with every day.

2022 is coming fast and I’m thinking that Americans may have a message they will be delivering to Joe Biden and the Democrats.

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