HOT TAKES: Liberal Knickers in a Twist After Trump Jr. Compares Biden to Jimmy Carter

HOT TAKES: Liberal Knickers in a Twist After Trump Jr. Compares Biden to Jimmy Carter
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As we previously reported, the jobs report came out today and it was a disaster for the Biden regime. Not only was it bad, it was so much lower than what they’d predicted it would be, Axios described it as the biggest miss in the history of the report.

Their reactions to it immediately showed they had no understanding of what the problem was or why it was so bad — that at least in part, one has to consider that people are not returning to work because of the extension of the unemployment benefits. As Charles Payne observed, the jobs are there, but if the government is subsidizing you with a check, you don’t need to go after the jobs.

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain went all in tweeting favorable media spin that suggested they needed to spend even more. Biden himself gave a ridiculous response, “Today, there is more evidence our economy is moving in the right direction.” He also claimed that paying people not to work with taxpayer dollars was doing nothing to inhibit job growth.

Under President Donald Trump, unemployment was dropping. Pre-pandemic, people spoke of the amazing economy and things like record low black and Hispanic unemployment.

But now, under Biden, the government is spending like there’s no tomorrow, pouring out money. Here comes the inflation. It’s so obvious that even CNN has to admit, “It’s coming.”

So Donald Trump Jr. compared Joe Biden to Jimmy Carter.

The comparison is both apt and concerning since anyone who was alive during the time of Jimmy Carter, knows what a horrible president he was and how he was completely at sea when it came to dealing with the economy and the rampant inflation.

There was even the infamous “Malaise Speech.” Now that I see that, Carter even reminds me of Biden.

But perhaps as an example of how ignorant some on the left are, they appeared to not know or memory-hole all of that history and attack Trump Jr., while praising Carter, claiming that he built houses for people and won the Nobel Peace Prize. He built houses post-presidency for Habitat for Humanity. But while he was president, he was a horrible president.

Trump Jr. pointed out how ignorant they were of history.

Plus, he noticed how Twitter was once again spinning in a liberal direction, rather than being straight with the facts, “The bullsh** description of the trend by
@Twitter is just more proof that they’re nothing but a Super PAC for Democrats,” he tweeted.

Is Twitter ignorant? Or is it, once again, just about pushing the narrative?

At least one Vox correspondent got it:

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