MI Rep. Who Invoked Whitmer's Name During Arrest Resists Mug Shot, It Backfires

Democratic National Convention via AP

As we previously reported, Michigan State Democratic Rep. Jewell Jones was arrested earlier this month, after he allegedly drove his car into a ditch and was busted on suspicion of a DUI and for resisting arrest.

What got a lot of attention during the arrest, which was caught on camera, was that he name dropped Gov. Gretchen Whitmer during the arrest, saying he was going to call her. He reportedly refused to take a blood test and allegedly blew a 0.19, more than twice the legal limit, according to Click on Detroit. According to the report, troopers had to use a taser and pepper spray to restrain him.

Turns out, that wasn’t all.

There’s more video from when they tried to take his mug shot, and he resisted that. It did not go well. He refused to get his picture taken without a mask, insisting that there was no law or requirement that he had to have the picture without a mask. He demanded that they show him the law. But, the police weren’t buying that argument and wouldn’t play. Once again, he invoked Whitmer’s name.

The police told him he wouldn’t get arraigned until he had the booking photo done. So, his obstinance was going to cost him more hours locked up, if he didn’t comply.

Pro tip, Rep. Jones? No one gets a mug shot with a mask on. Everyone knows that. We get you don’t want people to see your face in a mug shot. So perhaps the better part of valor would have been not to be arrested for allegedly driving under the influence and resisting arrest?

This, of course, is a guy who should know better, given his position. And maybe because of his position, he shouldn’t be giving the police a hard time. But it looks like he was doing everything he could to to make things hard on them for the “error” of daring to arrest him.

Jones should be embarrassed by this behavior. But I wouldn’t bet on it.

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