John Kerry Denies Allegations, but Here Are Some Questions Raised by the Defense

(AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

Yesterday, the story broke that John Kerry was alleged to have told Iran’s foreign minister Javad Zarif of at least 200 covert operations against Iran by Israel.

The New York Times wrote a story about an audiotape of Zarif’s conversations with a confidant. The conversations revealed the Revolutionary Guard is basically controlling the country. The Times focused on the Revolutionary Guard story. But buried within the story was one sentence about what Kerry allegedly told Zarif.

Jen Psaki refused to answer questions about the Kerry allegation and the State Department’s spokesperson Ned Price claimed the information about the Israeli operations was already out there. Then John Kerry denied that he ever said anything, as we reported last night.

But there are a few more questions here. Ned Price is saying that information was already out there. While it’s true there was information that came out in 2018, there is no date specified in the New York Times story about when Kerry allegedly told Zarif, and Zarif was said to be “astonished.”

How does Price know when the conversation was or that it had “already been disclosed?” Does he know the date of the conversation and what was discussed? Why would Zarif be “astonished” if this information was already publicly available?

Moreover, classified information is still classified information even after media might report on it, and it’s not clear exactly what is alleged to have been discussed about the ops.

Meanwhile, Kerry claims, not that the information was already out there, he claims he never had the conversation at all.

So which is it? Did he have the conversation that didn’t mean anything or didn’t he?

According to his own comments in 2019, Kerry said he met with Zarif in 2018 “three or four times” to discuss the nuclear deal and other issues.

As we’ve previously said, why was he meeting with the Iranians at all at that time, when he didn’t represent our government and was trying to save the nuclear deal, which was against the U.S. position at the time? What did he say in these admitted conversations and what were the “other issues?”

It isn’t just the revelations about Israel — that’s bad enough. But what he’s already essentially admitted to, the conversations about the nuclear deal, needs serious investigation and is an even bigger issue. He’s never been held to account for it and now he’s on the National Security Council as Biden’s “special envoy” on climate. Joe Biden needs to answer up on this, and the answer can’t just be more avoidance.

Meanwhile, and not a small point, Iranian surrogates were responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans in Iraq over the years and Iranian-backed militias have been attacking American targets in Iraq.

Final point? If Kerry isn’t telling the truth and Iran knows it or has audiotape, he’s now compromised.