Media Buried Lede That Kerry 'Ratted' on Israeli Covert Ops to Iran; GOP Demands Action

(AP Photo/Alex Brandon, Pool, File)

As we reported earlier, a leaked audio tape has now revealed that John Kerry, who is a “special envoy” to Joe Biden on climate, allegedly ratted out Israeli covert operations to Iran’s foreign minister, Javad Zarif.

While the New York Times did include the information in their story which focused on how much the Revolutionary Guard controlled the country, the Times buried it deep in and had just the barest information on it: “Former Secretary of State John Kerry informed him that Israel had attacked Iranian interests in Syria at least 200 times, to his astonishment, Mr. Zarif said.”

The Washington Post covered the story of the tape and didn’t even include the part about Kerry.

Of course, for Americans that would be the point that would most stand out. Why the heck would John Kerry be telling the Iranians about Israeli covert operations? What else has he told them, when he can’t even be guaranteed to keep that obviously classified information to himself? If he would rat out our allies to our enemies?

This isn’t the first question that there’s been about Kerry and Iran. During the Trump Administration, Kerry admitted that he met with Iranian officials secretly, claiming he had a right, as a former Secretary of State. But he and other members of the Obama team were allegedly meeting with Iran to undermine what the U.S. government under the Trump Administration was trying to do at the time in regard to the nuclear deal. Further, the meetings were more problematic because they were during the four-year period while Iranian surrogates were attacking Americans within Iraq and actively working against the United States. That raises additional questions about working with the enemies of the United States.

From the NY Post:

Zarif met with Kerry and President Barack Obama Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz when former President Trump was in the White House, which Kerry admitted to in 2018.

Kerry and Moniz were instrumental in negotiating the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and global powers.

Kerry said he met with Zarif and other Iranian officials in an effort to salvage the nuclear agreement.

Trump had dumped the nuclear agreement, so Kerry was admitting to expressly going against U.S. foreign policy.

As our friend Ed Morrissey observed at Hot Air:

While no one would be surprised to hear that Israel carries out covert operations against Iran, why in the world would an American Secretary of State pass that information to a regime that leads ‘Death to America’ protests in its streets? Isn’t this the real news in the US, especially with Kerry now joining another administration as its ‘climate change envoy’?

At best, this shows that Kerry is enormously and irresponsibly indiscreet; at worst, he’s exposing American intelligence to an enemy in order to attack an ally. And frankly, it looks a lot more like the latter than the former, and a lot more like an actual crime by a high-ranking US government official.

People were furious and laid into Kerry.

Unfortunately, because of Kerry’s prior behavior, it’s fully believable that he did it.

Unfortunately, Kerry was never held to account for secretly meeting with them during the Trump Administration, so he may have thought he was free to do anything he pleased.

So will anyone finally hold him to account? Haley makes the good point this is on Joe Biden now, since Kerry is still his “special envoy.” But I wouldn’t bet on any action, with Joe Biden in charge.