Joe Biden to Hold a Car Rally Next Week, but It's Where It Is That's the Hypocritical Kicker

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Someone is really going to have to help me out with the logic going on in the minds of Democrats.

Haven’t we been hearing Democrats spew incessantly about the horrible, evil, no good new election law in Georgia? That it’s so bad, MLB’s All-Star Game and other events should pull out of being in Georgia? Joe Biden encouraged the All-Star game being pulled out for that very reason.

Now, of course, there’s no truth to Democrats’ criticism about the law.

But how do they claim all that, yet now announce with a straight face that Joe Biden will be holding a rally in Georgia? Not only that, but the rally is being sponsored by the DNC. Are we in bizarro land, or what?

According to the NY Post, Biden is going to be in Georgia for a “drive-in rally” to push phasing out fossil fuels. “On the president’s 100th day in office, he and the first lady will travel to Georgia to highlight how he has delivered on his promises to the American people. While he is there, he will participate in a car rally,” Jen Psaki announced.

Consider the irony of that, too.

Does he not see the inherent contradiction in his positions and what he does?

So he and his contingent are going to fly to Georgia. Carbon emissions. They’re going to go to wherever the rally is, in the big SUVs in which they drive around. Carbon emissions. Biden is going to talk about phasing out fossil fuels with the cars spewing fumes around him? He’s creating a ‘carbon emissions spreader’ that didn’t need to happen, to talk about how we have to reduce emissions.

Does this not seem just a bit crazy? Do as I say, not as I do, and accept the rules that I want to impose on you.

So does this mean that it’s okay to go to that horrible racist state of Georgia again? Or does it just mean that Joe Biden is now supporting “Jim Crow on steroids,” as he called it?

Biden has already cost the hard-working folks of Georgia a ton of money from events that the Democrats stampeded out of the state, including the $100 million from the All-Star game and whatever Will Smith’s movie might have contributed by filming there, just to pick out two big examples of things that were pulled from the state because of the Democrats’ lies about the new election law.

Now, to be fair, given Joe Biden’s track record of poorly attended car rallies, it probably wouldn’t be much of a carbon emissions spreader because he probably won’t get more than four cars.