'Girl in the Pink' Has Some Important Things to Say About Columbus Police Shooting

'Girl in the Pink' Has Some Important Things to Say About Columbus Police Shooting
From bodycam footage of Columbus police shooting of Ma'Khia Bryant

I wrote earlier about the reaction of Valerie Jarrett and some other terrible, awful, no good takes from people on the Left to the police shooting of 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant.

One reporter wondered why the cop couldn’t have just shot Bryant in the leg? He apparently didn’t understand the concept of center mass and the importance of not missing in the context of that life and death situation. The officer had a split second to decide how best to protect the life of the girl in pink, indeed, he walked into one of the worst evolving situations that a cop can walk into, and he had to immediately evaluate it: who was the danger and how to stop her attack without hurting anyone else.

Warning graphic:

Others just downplayed it as a “teenage fight.” Do not pay attention to that knife coming down on the girl on the pink! Didn’t you have teenage fights like this?

One BLM activist, Bree Newsome, even suggested teens have been fighting with knives “for eons.” What unadulterated crap. Was she really trying to justify a stabbing attack?

Perhaps one of the worst takes, as I said, was that of Jarrett, who called it a “knife fight,” thus victim-blaming the girl in the pink who was attacked, unarmed and almost stabbed, but for the quick action of the police officer. But Jarrett didn’t seem to give a darn about the girl in the pink.

Now, there’s more video out and it has a few words from that “girl in the pink,” who recognizes just how close she came to death, but for the cop. Those folks spouting off on the Left might want to give it a listen.

A cop who is walking with her, trying to interview her about what happened. “She f**king came at me with a knife,” the girl says. The officer asks, “She came at you with a knife earlier?” “No, she just did,” the girl corrects him. “That is why, that’s why the police did it. She came after me.” “With a knife?” the cop inquires again. “Yeah, so he got her,” the girl replied, clearly thankful.

You can tell, whatever Valerie Jarrett or any of these other people say, this girl gets it, but for the quick action by the officer, she might not be here, you can almost hear the weightiness of the thought in her head as she tells the officer. She knows the first officer saved her.

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