Terrible, Awful, No Good Takes on Columbus Shooting, Featuring Valerie Jarrett

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Some on the left immediately jumped on the story about the police shooting of 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant in Columbus, Ohio, attacking the police, despite the facts in the case.


Bodycam video showed clearly that the police officer fired at Bryant just as she lunged at another girl to stab her with a knife. His quick action likely saved the life of the other girl.

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But some were so interested in pushing division over police shootings, they didn’t let the facts deter them, but were all-in attacking the police.

It’s a “white thing?” What does that even mean? What if the girl in the pink had been your daughter, sir? She might be dead in what you try to dismiss as a schoolyard fight.

Then there was BLM activist Bree Newsome who argued this is just a thing that teens do, that teens have been having fights including fights with knives “for eons.”

“Teenagers have been having fights including fights involving knives for eons. We do not need police to address these situations by showing up to the scene & using a weapon against one of the teenagers. Y’all need help. I mean that sincerely,” Newsome tweeted. She continued, “Everyone should be frightened that the ruling white elite have done such a thoroughly successful job of not only disconnecting us from the means of basic self-sufficiency but also convincing us we need armed white officers to manage our children & communities.”


So it’s white supremacy that the cop didn’t stand there and let the girl in the pink be stabbed to death?

Then there’s this ridiculous reporter who knows nothing about shooting or such cases, “Why didn’t you shoot her in the leg?” But the officer gives a textbook response.

But perhaps one of the worse takes was from former Obama Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett.

“A Black teenage girl named Ma’Khia Bryant was killed because a police officer immediately decided to shoot her multiple times in order to break up a knife fight,” Jarrett claimed. “Demand accountability. Fight for justice. #BlackLivesMatter.”

It’s amazing how much she gets wrong in such a short tweet. Of course, she was the power behind Barack Obama, so she has a lot of experience with bad takes and being wrong.

First, the cop yelled, “Get down!” at Bryant four times as she went after the other girl, but she kept going until the girl was on top of the hood of the car and the knife was a second from coming down on her. For Jarrett to falsely call it a “knife fight” when the other girl was being attacked and didn’t have a knife was not only a lie, but it was victim-blaming. The cop saved the life of the girl in the pink because her life mattered to him, but apparently to Valerie Jarrett, that girl’s black life doesn’t matter.



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