Ontario Announces Virus Restrictions That Cause Such a Huge Backlash, Even Police Won't Enforce Them


A video of members of the Ontario, Canada, government explaining new Wuhan coronavirus restrictions to cut off surging cases in that country went viral on Saturday.

In the video, you can hear Premier Doug Ford and other officials explaining the public health measures that will be taken, including banning going to playgrounds and creating the ability of police to randomly stop anyone who steps out of his/her house. The police would be given the power to question people as to what they are doing outside of their homes, even demand to know what their purpose is for being outside and what their address is.

Ford said they would be setting up “checkpoints.”

This is frightening stuff. It’s not that far away in distance from us, or sometimes, it seems, in thought. Could that crazy bleed down here? I think circumstances have already shown that it could.

Now, there were enough sane Canadians that there was an immediate and huge backlash to these restrictions. Not just from the public, but also from the police agencies, 39 out of 45 of which told the politicians they could go stuff their new restrictions — they weren’t going to enforce it.

Without the police, then, the new restrictions have no teeth.

So, the government has now started to back off those restrictions, somewhat. They’re saying that police will no longer just randomly stop anyone, they must have reasons to suspect a person is participating in an organized public event or social gathering.  And while they’re backing off banning people from playgrounds, they are still banning outdoor gatherings apart from gathering with your immediate family.

Some also pointed out how ridiculous it was to go after outside activities, when it’s indoor activities which are more at risk. “Outdoor activities are vital for mental and physical health, especially with stay-at-home orders,” Dr. Isaac Bogoch, who sits on the province’s COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Task Force, tweeted, according to Toronto’s CTV News

But, it should never have been considered to begin with. Who could have thought such restrictions would make sense?