Brooklyn Center Mayor Doesn't Think Police Always Need a Gun When Making a Traffic Stop

Brooklyn Center, Minnesota Mayor Mike Elliot (Credit: NBC News)

We’ve seen a lot of craziness over this past year with the ‘Defund the Police’ movement on the left.

Maybe it’s just me, but it never made sense to me. If you truly wanted to improve things, why would you take money away, rather than have more training, if you actually thought there was a real problem? Taking more money away, having fewer cops, guarantees more crime, more chaos, and more people — including black people — hurt. Why would you ever think that was logical? The only way it makes sense is if you actually want more chaos.


What we’ve also seen a lot of is people just caving in to BLM and activists, doing what they demand because they think it will assuage them. It won’t. Just like everything with the left, it will just make them want more movement to the left and more moves that would hurt people.

So with that, I give you Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliot. Now, he just had a police shooting there, where the officer who shot and killed Daunte Wright appears to have mistakenly believed she was pulling and firing a taser rather than her firearm. Not good. They fired the city manager yesterday after he disagreed with the mayor and said that the system required that the officer be given due process — she could not just be fired like the mayor wanted. Apparently, you’re not entitled to that anymore. The officials made it clear they were caving to pressure from activists in getting rid of the city manager. The mayor then took over the responsibility for the police department and today we hear the police officer has resigned, likely because they asked her to. The police chief is also stepping down.

But given the actions of the mayor and council, it could get even worse there.

Listen to the mayor say that he doesn’t think that the police need to carry guns all the time for traffic stops.


“I don’t believe that officers need to necessarily have weapons every time they’re making a traffic stop,” Elliot said.

This has to be one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard a politician say. Pray tell, how is the cop supposed to know when he might need it? Does he/she have to be psychic?

This man apparently knows absolutely nothing about policing. Does he think that people who want to shoot at police are driving cars that identify how dangerous they are? Or that you can tell when you are going to need it? Bad things can happen in a split second. There’s a reason police are armed — because they never know when that might happen and who they might have to save in that split second.

Perhaps he’d like to have a conversation with the fellow officers of New Mexico Police Officer Darian Jarrott. I say “fellow officers” because he can’t have a conversation with Jarrott. Jarrott stopped a man for tinted windows. Not exactly what you would think is any kind of a dangerous situation. But Jarrott was gunned down and killed when that split second came. I wrote about that story over the weekend, you can see the video of what happened here. Jarrott had three small children and a fourth on the way. But he never got to go home.

The way to deal with someone who makes such a tragic mistake as appears to have been made in the shooting of Daunte Wright isn’t to then endanger all the remaining officers, which is exactly what this would do; it’s to provide more training so you don’t ever have such an incident happen again.


But that’s not all that Elliot and the council want to do.

They just passed a resolution banning crowd control tactics during protests, including the use of rubber bullets, tear gas, “kettling” and chokeholds. This applies only to their city officers. So what do you do when the protest becomes a riot as it has? You’ve just taken away the more peaceful methods of crowd control. So you’re going to have more cops hurt and more violence.

Bye-bye to those businesses and a lot of other things in that town. Hope you all have insurance because your politicians just threw you under the bus.


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