Jim Acosta Asks the Execrable Harry Reid About Court Packing, Doesn't Get the Answer He Expected

There are few people more vile and more lacking in principle on the Democratic side of the aisle than the former senator, the execrable Harry Reid.

You may recall that one of the worst things he did in his long and despicable career was to lie about Mitt Romney during the 2012 campaign, claiming, falsely, that Romney hadn’t filed taxes in ten years. He was later interviewed on the lie in 2015 by Dana Bash and laid out his ‘ends justify the means’ rationale, “Romney didn’t win did he?”


No one more exemplifies the Democrats’ thirst for power and doing anything fair or foul to win than does Reid.

So when CNN’s Jim Acosta asked Reid what he thought about Democrats’ desire for court-packing and the new “bipartisan” commission which Joe Biden set up by executive order to explore “reform” of the Supreme Court, including looking at the number of justices on the Court, Acosta likely thought that Reid would be all in on it, since it would get Democrats more power.

But he got a bit of a surprise. Harry Reid strongly advised against court-packing.

“I think that the commission is going to come back & say we should just leave it alone. I think it would be inappropriate to have term limits for judges. I think we better be very careful,” Reid said.

Check out the pout on Acosta over that one! Not what he was hoping for, that’s for sure. He doubtless thought that Reid was going to go along with the power grab (as Joe Biden called court-packing in 2005).

If even Harry Reid isn’t willing to go there, how bad must it be? Now, of course, there’s something else we need to recall in the history of Harry Reid to explain this all. That’s because Harry Reid pushed through a change to the Senate rules weakening the filibuster that, when the GOP regained power, was then used against him. If they approved court-packing now, what then would prevent Republicans, assuming they ever got back in after all the Democratic efforts to consolidate power, going hog wild and adding even more justices if Democrats once again blow away all the rules? So his concern isn’t altruistic, it’s self-preservation for the Democrats.


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