Biden Considering Cash Payments to Central Americans to Slow Illegal Entry

AP Photo/Gregory Bull

Have you been wondering what Kamala Harris was doing after she was tasked to deal with the borders issues and slowing the surge from Central American countries?


We heard that she spoke to one Central American leader, and that was about it. She hasn’t done one press conference on the issue. Instead she seems to be traveling pretty much everywhere else except the border, taking trips to California and to Chicago, where she got some baked goods as a snack.

Meanwhile the border is still imploding.

But the word is out about an idea they’re considering. I don’t know if Kamala Harris was behind this one, but it’s truly a bad idea for the record books, so I’m willing to bet she had a hand in it.

They’re considering sending cash payments to Central Americans in an effort to convince them to stay in their own countries.

From NY Post:

The potential cash transfer program would be targeted at residents of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, which account for the overwhelming majority of migrants illegally crossing the border, Roberta Jacobson, the White House’s southern border coordinator, told the outlet.

“We’re looking at all of the productive options to address both the economic reasons people may be migrating, as well as the protection and security reasons,” Jacobson told the outlet in an interview.

So they just put the country through lockdowns from a pandemic, killed the economy, and threw millions out of work. They delayed months just giving Americans $1,400, after promising $2,000.

Now, because thousands are breaking the law, encouraged by Joe Biden, because Biden has so screwed the pooch over the border, we all have to pay up and give them bribes not to illegally enter?


Is Biden kidding? Unfortunately not; it sounds exactly like something they would do. Not only wouldn’t it solve anything, how would you even begin to do it? Not to mention that everyone would then ask for payment, whether they ever intended to illegally enter or not. You would be encouraging more people to take advantage of us. Who pays people not to act illegally? The fact they’re even considering this tells you how lost they truly are.

Turns out that Roberta Jacobson has had enough, too, and is packing it in, quoting at the end of the month. Perhaps not surprising, given the mess. She couldn’t explain exactly how this supposed cash bonanza would work, but she claimed that it wouldn’t involve just handing out money or checks to people. Really? Because that’s sure what it sounds like.

They’re considering a plan to send virus vaccines into the region, as well.


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