Biden's Weakness Already Breeding Problems: China and Russia Now Making Dangerous Moves to Test Him

Biden's Weakness Already Breeding Problems: China and Russia Now Making Dangerous Moves to Test Him
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Joe Biden needs to step up and he needs to show some strength in a hurry, because everything he’s shown our enemies so far has indicated to them that they can test us.

As we previously reported, China insulted us on our own soil in Alaska, claiming we didn’t have the moral standing to say anything about their genocide against the Uighurs.

After Biden called Vladimir Putin a “killer” and basically claimed he told Putin to his face that he was “soulless,” Putin challenged him to a live online debate. That was Putin’s way of saying, “I know your issues,” and Biden backed down, saying he was busy.

These are countries who never would have reacted that way to President Donald Trump, because they knew that Trump backed up what he said with actions. Whereas Barack Obama failed to respond to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2014, when Trump came in, he gave Ukraine lethal weapons to defend themselves in accordance with our agreements with them.

The problem of course is: Biden is Biden. As we’ve seen, he throws a lot of talk out there but doesn’t do much. He also suffers from another problem — they remember how Obama did nothing and bent over for the world, so Biden is getting credited with Obama’s fecklessness in addition to his own deficiencies. And that’s not good for us.

Now, both China and Russia are making aggressive and dangerous moves to test Biden.

There’s a massive build-up of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border and now a lot of people worried about a new invasion and another European war.

From Washington Examiner:

In recent days, Russia has deployed a division-strength formation of troops and equipment to Ukraine’s eastern and southeastern borders, and to Russian occupied Crimea. Further deployments are anticipated. The Russian forces involved include aviation transport and strike assets, armor and mechanized infantry units, warships, electronic warfare elements, the advanced S-400 air defense system, and a major logistics/supply network.

Biden had been mostly silent and didn’t get around to even calling Ukrainian President Zelensky until April 2, only after Russia started massing troops. Now Biden’s trying to double-time a response but he already sent the wrong message that Zelensky wasn’t high on his list. It remains to be seen if Putin will be warded off from his ambitions in the region by a few phone calls.

Russia is also making very dangerous moves in the Arctic that threaten our security.

This was something that President Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo understood and were trying to counter. That’s why Trump was talking about Greenland because he realized the strategic importance of it and we conveyed that we were going to stand up for our interests.

Trump had no problem dropping bombs on Russians in Syria when they stepped over the line. That showed Putin Trump was willing to defend our interests, so he knew Trump would act. But now he’s testing Biden, seeing how far he can get.

Then there’s also China, ratcheting up aggressive moves against Taiwan, with more substantial and repeated air incursions by China into Taiwan’s air defense identification zone. As General Jack Keane warns in this video, we are outgunned in the region and we need more build-up in the area to equalize and deter China from its ambitions and the conflict is coming.

Trump got it and was trying to address it, but China apparently feels they can insult Biden. The question is: Will he respond with strength when that’s what these two countries understand?

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