Biden Gets Batted Around by Both China and Putin in Dismissive Statements

It’s pretty clear over the last day or so, with statements from both Vladimir Putin and the Chinese during a meeting with the U.S. in Alaska, that they think they can step all over Joe Biden and treat him dismissively.


First, as we previously reported, Joe Biden started a pissing contest with Putin. Biden claimed that he told Putin he was soulless during a meeting in 2011 and said in an interview that aired on Wednesday that Putin was a killer.

In response, Putin made a pointed remark about Biden’s health, then challenged Biden to a live discussion conditioning it on being live, without any lags or delays, basically indicating he knew he wouldn’t be able to. Putin also challenged the moral authority of the U.S., claiming the U.S. was rooted in genocide against Native Americans and in slavery. Putin claimed that legacy continues, that’s why there’s BLM today. Reporters then asked the White House if Biden would be accepting Putin’s challenge. Biden, having thrown down the gauntlet, then had Jen Psaki back off for him saying he was “quite busy.”

Then the U.S. was having a meeting with the Chinese in Alaska and the Chinese also upbraided the U.S., claiming the U.S. doesn’t have the qualification to “speak from a position of strength,” doesn’t represent global public opinion, and has a history of killing blacks.

They came onto U.S. soil and insulted us to our faces.



Imagine either of these countries, two human rights violators, thinking they can say anything at all to us, particularly given China putting Uighurs in camps. When asked about that, Joe Biden talked about their ‘different cultural norms.’

The fact that they think they can treat us like that is a measure of how little respect they have for the strength of Joe Biden. That should surely concern us all. They never would have treated President Donald Trump like that.

It’s also on Biden and the Democrats for feeding and giving air to much of the propaganda about the BLM and the chaos agenda they push. And Russia has amplified that chaos agenda from the left for years. Now the CCP is amplifying it, too, right in the face of Biden.

The Democrats have put us in this hole. Now, what will be their response to being batted around like this?

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