The Mysterious Blue-Checked Twitter Account of 'Dr. Jialun' Who Blamed Trump After Capitol Ramming Attack

We see a lot of crazy, blue-checked people on Twitter, and we wonder how some of them ever got verified.

At least we thought we could rely upon the Twitter claim that blue-checked folks were actually confirmed by Twitter to be real people.


But, now comes the very strange story of “Dr. Jialun Chen,” why he is verified, and who is really behind the account — after the car-ramming incident at the Capitol yesterday, allegedly committed by Noah Green, who was a member of the Nation of Islam.

But the @DrJialun account immediately blamed President Donald Trump and “Trump insurrectionists.”

Here’s what the account looked like before it did away with its pictures:

Even after it was pointed out that it was quite likely that it had nothing to do with Trump, the Jialun account still blamed Republicans.

But there was a problem. The account ,when I first noticed it, had 52 followers, which you never see Twitter verify — and it was just started in March.


The person claimed to be a doctor in the San Francisco Bay Area, but listed affiliation with “Hospital Santa Cruz,” which doesn’t exist in the area but does in Mexico and Brazil. The banner is one stolen from Ellis Medicine, which the person appears to have no relation to, and the picture appears to be stolen from a Korean doctor who joined Twitter in 2011.

He also stole this person’s Linked In “About” section.

It also lists him as a “freelance journalist” for CNN. So, perhaps it’s not strange that everything is weird?

It’s pretty clear that the person was pushing CCP talking points.


The person didn’t have a lot of followers, but some of the first followers were very troubling. The fourth follower was Chen Weihua, the China Daily EU Bureau Chief (the propaganda paper of the State), and the second follower is the Twitter Verified account, that says it’s working on a new verified process.

So for some reason, this account was followed early by the Twitter Verified account, was verified almost immediately after it was created (something generally unheard of unless you’re a major celebrity), and has been pushing CCP propaganda ever since.

Perhaps Jack would like to explain this?

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