Video of Alleged Suspect in Capitol Incident, Suspect IDed as Alleged Member of Nation of Islam

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

We reported earlier about the incident of the car ramming police and then a barricade at the Capitol. Two Capitol Police officers were injured in the ramming, one unfortunately later died at the hospital, according to a briefing from the Capitol Police and the Metropolitan Police. They also confirmed that the suspect had been killed, as well, after he exited his car. The suspect reportedly lunged at the police with a large bladed weapon and was shot to death.

Now there’s reported video that appears to be of the alleged suspect, with EMS moving him on a stretcher to the ambulance after the shooting.

Warning Graphic

The person appears to be a young black male.

While people might immediately jump to the conclusion that the incident might have had a relation to anger at Congress or the incident on Jan. 6, it’s also possible it might have had no relation at all to it. Because of all the security measures, there are checkpoints up in places like this one at Constitution Avenue.

Chief Robert Conte of the Metropolitan Police said that the suspect, at that point, didn’t appear to be on the Capitol Police’s radar and it didn’t appear to be terrorism-related. Conte also said there didn’t appear to be a continuing threat.

The National Guard immediately deployed a quick reaction force to the area and they are now ringing the area again.

The suspect has now been identified according to MSNBC as Noah Green and allegedly as a member of the Nation of Islam, according to his Facebook. He spoke about losing his job and relying on the guidance of Louis Farrakhan.

Facebook, of course, shut down the account as frequently happens after such incidents.