Rep. Nancy Mace Points out More Raging Hypocrisy From MLB on GA Election Law

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Major League Baseball went all in on the Democratic propaganda about Georgia’s new election law by pulling the All Star Game from Georgia.

One of the Democratic claims about the law is that somehow it’s racist because it had voter ID requirements. That argument is, in and of itself, racist because it somehow assumes that minorities aren’t able to get IDs — a ridiculous position. And most Americans reject that claim as nonsense; most want voter ID. You can even get free IDs in Georgia. What they really don’t like? You have to have an ID to get an absentee ballot, so it’s not as easily manipulated.


Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) nailed the hypocrisy of MLB’s move.

Mace pointed out how MLB wasn’t against needing an ID to pick up MLB tickets at the Will Call booth.

IDs are required everywhere: getting a bank account, getting on a plane (hey, Delta!), renting an apartment or buying a house — even booking doctor’s appointments in some states, as a hedge against insurance fraud. But for protecting your most sacred right to vote, they want to strip away all protections, basically suggesting that protecting your right to vote isn’t even as important as securing a ticket to a baseball game.

According to Fox News, the league has not respond to multiple requests for an explanation of its photo ID policy for ticket retrieval.

Not only that, check out what you’ll need to get into a Mets game this season.

So, can we call the MLB racist, according to this Democratic standard? Not to mention that, according to the World Health Organization, requiring people to be vaccinated for travel, when vaccines are not fully available to all, yet is promoting “inequity,” and is wrong because it locks some people out of being able to do things in society. They counsel against vaccine passports, concerned about “personal freedoms” or “human rights” being impeded.


As we also reported, MLB’s main offices are in New York where, as Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp observed, they have stricter election laws than in Georgia, yet the MLB doesn’t seem to have an issue with where they are located.

Of course, none of this is really about racism. What it is about is Democrats trying to do all they can to hold onto power and block out means of securing elections.

MLB really just need to take the “L” and concede they were all wrong on this.

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