Tucker Carlson and Brian Kemp Rip Dem Duplicity Over GA Election Law

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As we previously reported, Joe Biden and the Democrats have told demonstrable lies about the new Georgia election law.

Joe Biden urged Major League Baseball to pull the All-Star Game out of Georgia, and the MLB did so, not even caring or seeming to understand it was based on lies. “I have decided that the best way to demonstrate our values as a sport is by relocating this year’s All-Star Game,” Commissioner Rob Manfred, Jr.said. Ah, so your values are to side with the lies of one political party and demonize the other, while disregarding the actual law and the facts? Thinking those aren’t good values to have, sir.


Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp went on Tucker Carlson’s show last night and pointed out a lot of irony in all this.

Kemp explained how New York actually had “stricter” voting laws than Georgia so that the businesses like MLB, Coca Cola, and Delta who have voiced objections are being hypocritical.

From Fox News:

“It’s so hypocritical… Major League Baseball’s headquartered in New York, Delta [Airlines] is flying in New York. I’m sure Coca-Cola sells a lot of product in New York. When you look at New York’s voting laws, you have to have an excuse to vote absentee by-mail in New York. You do not in Georgia,” Kemp said. [….]

“I guess we should be boycotting [MLB] for having their headquarters in New York because that law is more strict than ours,” he said. “I mean, this is all ridiculous.”

Kemp also explained how Georgia has more days for early voting than does New York, so they literally have more opportunities to vote, with 17 days to New York’s ten.

Tucker Carlson noted that the law in Delaware, Joe Biden’s home state, was actually stricter as well.

“One thing Biden doesn’t seem very interested in is his own home state, Delaware. Unlike Georgia, Delaware has never permitted mass early voting,” Carlson said.

“Apparently Delaware is a white supremacist state,” he continued, referencing the basis of Jim Crow.


But none of that is racist or “Jim Crow on steroids” because they’re reliable blue states, so there’s no reason for the Democrats to make up things to attack them. Democrats are doing all they can to try to take over Georgia, so demonizing Republicans is first up on the hit parade. The bottom line, of course, is none of this is racist — no matter what state it is.

Hopefully this will encourage the people of Georgia to take a look at what they’re being sold by the Democrats. When you have folks trying to actually harm your state, why would you ever want to vote for these people?


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