Cruz Drops a Hypocrisy Bomb on Media Treatment of Him vs. Jen Psaki

Al Drago/Pool via AP

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) had an experience that we reported about yesterday that really showed how crazy and out of control some have gotten about the concept of mask wearing.


Cruz was giving some remarks to the press with other senators, all of whom had been immunized. He wasn’t wearing a mask as he was giving the remarks. One of the reporters asked him to put on a mask despite the fact that he was vaccinated and a distance away.

Cruz said no, he was doing what the science was, that there was no need for the theater of wearing the mask. The reporter answered that it would make him “feel” better. And that’s what it was about, not the science, but making him feel better.

Now, the left is furious with Cruz for his epic response because it exposed what it is about for some of them. For some it’s become a religion to push masks and be a mask Karen.

But Cruz appeared on Fox and he said how out of hand this had all gotten. He also pointed out the utter hypocrisy of a lot of the media on the subject. He pointed out how Jen Psaki has been holding briefings in a far more enclosed room, never once wearing a mask, despite Joe Biden’s executive order that everyone wear them on federal property.


So if everyone is supposed to be wearing them, why isn’t she?

But for some reason, none of the media has ever asked her to put one on or done to her what the one reporter tried to do to him. And it’s not just her. Joe Biden frequently goes without a mask when speaking to media as does Kamala Harris.

Indeed, Joe Biden and his family were among the first to break his mask order. He’s frequently spoken without a mask on federal property since, as recently as today. Obviously he’s vaccinated and distance away, but so was Cruz. The hypocrisy is just obvious on the part of the media.

So one has to think it wasn’t about the science, but about the theater and trying to attack Cruz.


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