Psaki Gets Hit With a Hunter Biden Question, Her Answer Fails In Every Possible Way

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I have to give it to the White House press corps. They actually have been asking a lot of good and substantial questions of late and by that I don’t just mean Fox’s Peter Doocy, several of them.


Even when they have some of their brethren over at the WaPo apparently encouraging them not to go tough on Biden, they are getting in some good ones.

Today they asked about something which was contained in last year’s Senate report, that the wife of the former mayor of Moscow paid a company associated with Hunter Biden $3.5 million.

“I am not familiar with that claim. It does not sound like it is backed up with a lot of evidence,” she claimed. Because a Senate report isn’t evidence, is that what she’s suggesting?

The reporter, Steven Nelson of the New York Post, pressed a little further and her response was well, I’m not familiar with the report. So oh well, not going to answer.

Again, that’s not an answer. She didn’t even give them the courtesy of a “circle back.” If she’s “not familiar with it” then how does she know whether it sounds like it’s not “backed up with a lot of evidence. Bit of a deceptive answer there, Jen. Notice what you don’t hear from her? A denial. Since this came up during the debates and was all over the news, how is it that she doesn’t know about it? The answer is, of course she knew about it, she just doesn’t want to respond.


Clearly Nelson wasn’t buying her answer.

He said the Biden folks have never answered the question.

So in response, that reporter should ask that question of Joe Biden tomorrow. That will incite a dog faced pony response, for sure. And keep asking it until you get an answer. It’s stunning how they’ve had this hanging out in the wind for so long with no answer and any Democrats dare to talk about the ridiculous conspiracy theory of Trump and Russia collusion. Had this been Trump we’d already be on the third impeachment effort and everyone knows it.


Sounds like a good new name for her, to add to “Circle Back,” Pinocchio Psaki.

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