Pelosi Finally Weighs In on Cuomo, But It's One Heck of a Cowardly Statement

Pelosi Finally Weighs In on Cuomo, But It's One Heck of a Cowardly Statement
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Many Democrats have come out at this point and called upon New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to resign.

There are so many scandals at this point, you could take your pick. But the worst, of course, is what he did with ordering nursing homes to take virus patients, then covering it up and undercounting the deaths actually connected to the homes.

Democrats have called for him to resign, even Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), although they didn’t mention the nursing home scandal in their extremely brief, joint statement. Rep. Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez did in her joint statement with Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY), which was actually quite a good statement and stated that the NY Attorney General found that the Cuomo administration “hid” the data about nursing home deaths.

An excellent point to make, as he tries to hide behind a “let’s wait for the investigation” defense: he misleads on the facts that we already have and what investigations have already concluded. And that’s more than enough to justify a call for his resignation.

Cuomo has even had the audacity to say that the women accusing him had other “motivations” and suggested that people calling for him to resign were somehow interfering in the New York Attorney General’s ability to do her job, so they should not do that. He even influenced a letter issued by some Democratic NY female lawmakers making that same point about the AG. He didn’t have that same concern, strangely, when he came out against Brett Kavanaugh, or called on NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to resign on allegations.

But while even Schumer and Gillibrand were able to be dragged, kicking and screaming, to issue a brief, cowardly but correct statement, guess who still can’t even do that much? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

Listen, as ABC’s George Stephanopoulos asks her the question, and she starts spinning about how the House deals with sexual harassment.

“I said there’s zero tolerance for sexual harassment and we have taken measures in the House of Representatives – very strong measures – under leadership of Rep. Jackie Speier of California,” Pelosi said in response. Yes, and that has nothing to do with his question. Stop deflecting.

Pelosi went on to address Cuomo. “What I said at the time that these revelations came forward, I said what these women have said must be treated with respect, they are credible and serious charges, and that I called for an investigation. I have confidence in the attorney general of New York. She has called for, I think, an expeditious investigation, and, uh, again, with all the respect in the world for what these women have come forth and said.”

Great. Will you call for him to resign? Legal investigation is different. You can still believe he should resign because his position is untenable. “People have to look inside themselves and say, and Gov. Cuomo also, ‘how affected is their leadership in leading the state in the circumstances that are there?’ But I do think that the women deserve to hear the results of these investigations, as does the governor.” The women already know the truth.

“Again, no, no tolerance. No tolerance,” she said. “This is a subject very near and dear to my heart. No tolerance for sexual harassment. Let the world know that.” What happened to ‘believe all women’?

“But you’re not calling on him to resign right now?” Stephanopoulos queried.

“I think we should see the results of the investigation but he may decide,” Pelosi said. “And hopefully this result will be soon. What I’m saying is the governor should look inside his heart – he loves New York – to see if he can govern effectively. And that could be one of the considerations that he has.”

Translation: she’s going to hide behind the investigation, just like he is, without going on the record. She’s also calling on the man to “look inside his heart” when he’s shown that he has no conscience

Again, funny how none of this “wait for the investigation” applies to Republicans like Brett Kavanaugh. We should only call for cashiering someone if the accused is a Republican, the accusations are unsupported, and are more than thirty years ago, apparently. ‘Believe all women’ has gone completely out the window and morphed into saying the women should be treated with respect, while not necessarily addressing their concerns, as with Tara Reade and any of the women alleging inappropriate touching against Joe Biden.

There’s a lot of evidence that one could make a judgment on at this point in a call for resignation, particularly as to the nursing home scandal. But Pelosi is just too cowardly to do so, and she really doesn’t want to address the nursing home scandal, since there are other Democrats who also may get caught for issuing similar orders.

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