NY Female Lawmakers Sign Letter Arguing Against Cuomo Resigning, Guess Who's Allegedly Behind it

AP Photo/Seth Wenig, Pool)

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been spinning the nursing home scandal pretty much since it first came out last year. He’s done the same thing with the allegations from women, now six women, accusing him of sexual harassment and/or touching them inappropriately.


Interestingly, in regard to the women, a letter came out from Democratic lawmakers telling people to wait for the New York Attorney General’s investigation of Cuomo and not to call for him to resign, that such calls were “premature” and would themselves “undermine” the role of the AG.

Here are the women who signed it.

What utter nonsense, right? Calling for him to resign doesn’t do a darn thing to undermine any investigation. It’s just hoping he has a conscience, which, of course, he doesn’t. It’s a ridiculous political spin that makes no sense. Almost sounds like Cuomo influenced it.

Guess what? He did. According to reports, his people were circulating it, trying to get female lawmakers to sign aboard it.


So literally trying to pressure women to defend the charges made against him by women.

Of course this isn’t the position that he’s taken in the past when another Democratic politician was accused of sexual allegations.

So he’s saying women calling for him to resign are somehow not respecting the ‘first female African American NY Attorney General?’ That should come as a surprise to Democratic NY Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, who is black and who called for him to resign on Sunday. Not only is Cuomo trying to pressure the female lawmakers but he’s throwing in race too. He really has no shame at all.

If calling for him to resign is somehow interfering in the AG’s investigation, what is pressuring female lawmakers to sign about such a letter, to manipulate public opinion and the news?

Both Republicans and progressives called out Cuomo for doing that.



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