Foreign News Shows Are Now Raising Questions About Joe Biden's Cognitive Issues

Foreign News Shows Are Now Raising Questions About Joe Biden's Cognitive Issues
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We’ve been reporting on Joe Biden’s issues, Democrats have been trying to avoid talking about them.

But what are some of the folks in the rest of the world thinking about him? They can see everything we’re seeing and see it without having the 24/7 American mainstream media trying to spin it.

At least some of them are seeing it and are worried.

Here’s Paul Murray on his show from Australia via Sky News interviewing the NY Post’s Miranda Devine and they spoke about their concerns that he was cognitively impaired.

Murray claimed that Biden was “wilder than Obama was” in terms of some of the policy things he was pushing.

Devine raises the question of who is in charge, describing how Kamala Harris had been making phone calls to foreign leaders. She’s actually met with some of them too. The Biden team says that Biden is trying to help her buff up her foreign policy profile and learn more.

Devine then talks about the interview that Biden had with Univision to talk about how he’d dismantled a lot of the protections at the border that President Donald Trump had in place. He’s asked about reopening up tent facilities in Texas. Biden mentions that “they” reopened one in Texas (but there are others, including one in Florida that he’s reopened). But as he’s trying to say that’s to take care of the unaccompanied minors and seems to lag a little talking about it’s to keep them safe, that’s when “Dr. Jill” butts in and says the difference between that and the prior administration is that they’re doing it “humanely.”

Talk about wrong and completely inappropriate. Why is Jill suddenly interrupting to expound on policy? That’s not her job. Not to mention it’s a ridiculous lie. They’re literally opening the same facility and she’s trying to spin it’s somehow more “humane” because they’re Democrats?

Devine criticized “Dr. Jill’s” interruption saying that she wasn’t elected, she shouldn’t be interrupting.

Devine also pointed out how Biden hasn’t given a press conference in six weeks, he’s made brief comments reading from a teleprompter. She said that “he loses his train of thought” and just “doesn’t seem to comprehend what he is reading.”

If these questions are being raised in the rest of the world by our friends like the Australians, what must our enemies be thinking about all this? And how problematic that thought is to have. That might explain why Iran and the Iranian-backed militias are making troubling moves at this time, in addition to Biden’s moves cozying up to Iran and lifting the terrorist restrictions on the Houthis.

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