Chris Cuomo Asks for Suggestions About What CNN Should Be Covering, He Gets Dropkicked With a Little Reality

Some liberal media like CNN cover CPAC every year, it seems mostly to try to take potshots at conservatives, with a hope to find or stoke controversy.

As we reported previously, CNN’s Jim Acosta was there and had people chant “CNN sucks” at him but he didn’t manage to stoke much more than that.


So liberal pollster Matt McDermott asked why media covered CPAC so fervently but hasn’t paid as much attention to progressive gatherings?

I can answer that for him: because they’re not hoping to get controversy at those gatherings, they don’t want to report bad stories from them, they want to try to take down conservative gatherings.

But CNN’s Chris Cuomo responded to McDermott, with an open-ended question that lawyers know they’re never supposed to ask, at least not in the courtroom. (Yes, strangely enough, Fredo went to law school). He asked what the press should cover the same way, on the left?


Oh, my, did he just ask for it? I think he did and people let him have it.

Completely deserved. CNN has still not answered up for the cover-up coverage that they’ve been spreading for Gov. Andrew Cuomo by having him do cutesy interviews with his brother that never dealt with all the allegations and charges that were out there. Complete conflict of interest and they should never have allowed that. The facts were there, but CNN didn’t care. Meanwhile Chris had his brother on talking about how popular Andrew was now with the ladies, referring to him as the “love gov” and feeding that whole “hero” falsehood that the Democrats/media were trying to push. There was no CNN coverage of the allegations against Cuomo which were reported in conservative and New York media last year. They didn’t cover it until this year, after the scandal completely blew up. They literally gave Andrew Cuomo a platform to spread propaganda with the assistance of his brother and CNN’s employee, Chris Cuomo.


Cuomo and CNN should rightly get blasted around the block for this.

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