CNN's Jim Acosta Gets Schooled After Inadvertently Revealing the Real Reason He Went to CPAC

CNN's Jim Acosta Gets Schooled After Inadvertently Revealing the Real Reason He Went to CPAC
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We reported earlier on the reception CNN’s Jim Acosta received upon arrival at CPAC, which was held this year in Orlando, FL.

Not surprisingly, the former White House correspondent who frequently sought to make himself the center of attention by sparring with President Trump over the last four years was subjected to boos and “CNN sucks” chants from the crowd of conservatives in attendance, most of who do not cotton to Acosta’s brand of performative “journalism.”

Various video clips shared on Twitter of Acosta’s time at CPAC showed him asking questions about the so-called “Big Lie” and acting as though he was there in a journalistic capacity, to simply “report the news.”

But this is Jim Acosta here, where any story he’s a part of that doesn’t revolve around him is not a story at all. So naturally, he set about working the crowd in a way that would garner himself more attention and give him his little “story of the day” about CPAC.

He inadvertently revealed his real reason for being there when he took to the Twitter machine to react to video tweets that were posted of the crowd’s reaction to him.

Two videos shared by Bloomberg reporter William Turton show the “CNN sucks” chants as well as Acosta being surrounded by conservatives and presumably talking to one as others stood around and said “get him”:

Acosta’s reaction was to stupidly proclaim “I thought they were against cancel culture”:

Except no. Yelling “CNN sucks” and “get him” (as I frequently did when watching Bill Barr go several rounds with Democrats, for example), is not “cancel culture”:

But one thing his idiotic “cancel culture” tweet does confirm with us is one of the reasons he was really at CPAC. Not to “report the news” but to make himself the news:

There’s likely actually a third reason he’s there, too. Trump is scheduled to speak at CPAC on Sunday and, well, Acosta just can’t seem to quit his old sparring buddy.

It’ll be comical watching the sparks fly as Acosta tries his best to get under Trump’s skin — assuming he gets the chance to ask him a question or two. It’ll be a bit like old times, with the exception this time around being that Trump has had well over a month to store up anger at the media, so he’s liable to cut loose on Acosta in a way we didn’t see when he was president.

My eyes are going to be glued to the CPAC live feed Sunday to see what happens. Make sure you’re tuned in as well!

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