CNN Anchor Busts Biden on Why He's Been Ignoring the Science on Reopening Schools

CNN Anchor Busts Biden on Why He's Been Ignoring the Science on Reopening Schools
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Biden team is simply refusing to answer certain questions from the media when it comes to reopening schools.

Republicans are calling them out on it.

Polls are indicating that Americans are not liking what they are seeing from Biden over this.

Media, which let’s face it, has gone out of their way to coddle Joe Biden and his team, are even losing their patience with the reticence to answer simple yet important questions about opening schools.

As we reported, the Biden team refused to respond to the question about whether it is necessary for teachers to be vaccinated before opening schools. Meanwhile the CDC had said it isn’t necessary, but the “follow the science” crew wasn’t willing to concede that until ultimately pressed on it by media yesterday when Jen Psaki finally said that neither Joe Biden nor Kamala Harris thought it should be a requirement.

Now even the mainstream media is calling out what the Biden team is doing and saying that they think it is about kowtowing to the teachers’ unions.

Here’s CNN’s Abby Phillip. When even they get the reasoning, you know the Biden folks are up a creek without a paddle.

From Townhall:

“Why is it so tough for the Biden administration to give a straight, clear answer on this question of when schools should open?” Jake Tapper wondered on Wednesday.

“I think that they are torn,” Phillip replied. “Look, the teachers unions are a very powerful Democratic constituency and they feel very strongly that teachers should at the very least all be vaccinated before returning to the school.

It’s delusional. Most schools are already open, without problems. But the Biden team doesn’t even want to admit that. Because to admit that would push the question on the rest. So they do this weird thing of setting goals that have already been met before Biden even came in and until yesterday gave these evasive responses to the questions about vaccinations.

As we previously reported, CNN’s John Berman chastised Kamala Harris’ spokes person, Symone Sanders for not giving a straight answer on vaccination of teachers.

CNN isn’t the only one busting the Biden team on this, even WaPo made up a video of all the changing stories from the Biden team.

Because it’s never been about the science when it comes to them, although that’s what they’ve claimed. It’s always and only about whatever most increases and aids their power. And if that means hurting kids but keeping the unions happy, they’ll do it in a red hot minute.

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