Republicans Now Demanding Answers From Pelosi About Guard Staying Much Longer in DC, Her Response Is Troubling

We were told that the National Guard might stay in Washington, D.C. until the impeachment trial was over.

Well, it’s over now and guess what? As we reported over the weekend, while they are now currently supposed to be there ’til March, there are now reports that the Guard may be staying until “at least the fall.”


According to the DCist, Robert Salesses, assistant Secretary for Homeland Defense wrote in an email about an “extended timeline” to the Capitol Police and National Security Council.

“If it’s not possible to sustain at the current level with [National Guard] personnel, we need to establish the number of NG personnel (DCNG and out-of-state) we can sustain for an extended period — at least through Fall 2021,” Salesses wrote in a January 20 email obtained by FOX 5.

He added that officials should consider “additional options for providing [Department of Defense] support, to include use of reserve personnel, as well as active component.”

Republicans are now demanding answers from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) as to what’s going on.

Rep. Lisa McClain (R-MI), who sits on the House Armed Services Committee, told “Fox and Friends” host Pete Hegseth that they’ve asked Pelosi, ‘Why do we need these troops here?’ and asked for a briefing. She says that in response, they have received “zero information, zero.” “It’s amazing to me that [Pelosi] can do this without any disclosure, without any information and just continue to spend money with no briefing,” she declared. “Doesn’t make sense to me.”


According to Fox, through Feb. 4, it cost $438 million dollars to keep the Guard there.

McClain said she wants to know why, that she feels completely safe in the city, but the failure of Pelosi and others to give an answer is making her “feel like there’s a boogeyman under my bed.”

She said that they’re actually talking about sending even more Guard now, including a thousand Guard from her state of Michigan, that she’d rather have them back helping out with the distribution of the virus vaccines. “That, I know, is a credible threat,” she continued. “This threat over here, I have no idea because we can’t even get a briefing on it.”

At this point, this is just incredible. As I said over the weekend, every Republican — and frankly, every Democrat — should be demanding answers on this. How do you manage to do this while providing no information at all about any credible threat? No governor should be sending anyone at this point without answers.

Can we shout any louder about this looking like a banana republic with barbed wire fencing they want to make permanent and troops everywhere to protect the leaders who give no explanation for their aggregation of such power? Talk about a fascist look. Add that to a ton of executive orders and old Joe is looking very dictatorial and like perhaps he doesn’t think he’s the most popular ever. And in the fall, we will be told that they really need to stay longer (without any greater explanation, like until Joe Biden loses in the next election).


This demands answers. Now.


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