Nancy Mace Obliterates AOC in Epic Clapback With the Simple Truth

Yesterday, I broke the story that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) wasn’t actually in the Capitol building during the actions that went down on Jan. 6, she was in the Cannon House Office building, about a six minute walk away.


People hadn’t realized that when she told her Instagram story of her ‘near death experience’ of being terrified by a police officer knocking on her door that she wasn’t in the Capitol building. They assumed, based on what she was saying, that she was in the Capitol building. The story went everywhere and trended on Twitter.

AOC flipped out and an email was sent out to her followers telling them to mass report anything on Facebook and Twitter that spread ‘disinformation’ about her account of what had happened on Jan. 6.

There have been no public reports that Cannon was ever breached. Indeed, as I previously explained, the building was locked down prior to the breaching at the Capitol.

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) confirmed in a tweet that no “insurrectionists” in the hall of Cannon that she shared with AOC. Mace’s office is two doors down from that of AOC and I included that tweet from Mace in my story.

This morning, after all the hullabaloo about AOC, Mace once again confirmed that there had been no “insurrectionists” in the hallway.

But it triggered AOC once again, as my colleague Brandon Morse reported, claiming Mace’s comment was a “deeply cynical & disgusting attack.”


Why is the truth a “deeply cynical and disgusting attack?” Unless the truth hurts the narrative you’re trying to promote.

AOC then commenced with a “deeply cynical and disgusting attack” on Mace for that basic comment, citing Mace’s prior statements about being scared and evacuating. AOC went overboard with her attack on Mace, talking about being a “survivor,” which has nothing to do with whether there was a real threat in the hall.


But Mace’s statements were not inconsistent. Mace never said there was a threat in the hall, just that she was concerned about what was going on “nearby” at the Capitol building (six minutes walk away). Mace’s story has always been consistent.

Capitol Police? AOC is going to try to invoke the Capitol Police and use their feelings to defend her position after trying to smear one of them who came to help evacuate her because of the suspicious package?

Talk about “she doth protest too much.”

AOC’s problem is that Mace’s simple truth again punctures the narrative that AOC had constructed about the nature of the threat.

Mace wasn’t having any of AOC’s nonsense and fired back, laying her out with the facts that AOC seems to want to paper over and spin.


By the way, Mace is a survivor of sexual assault and has spoken out against it, which is why she busted AOC’s use of that to try to spin on her.

Glad to see that Mace is standing by her original words, backing up the facts and not afraid to take on AOC and her flying monkey brigade of Twitter trolls. 


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