Twitter Funny Business Strikes Again When People Try to Search for Lincoln Project Over John Weaver Scandal

Twitter Funny Business Strikes Again When People Try to Search for Lincoln Project Over John Weaver Scandal
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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey posted a long Twitter thread, several days after he banned the president from his site, trying to justify his actions. In his statement he tried to say it wasn’t because of bias but concern about inciting. Of course, if that were true, then what was the reason for Twitter stomping on and suppressing the Biden scandal story published by the New York Post in October? The only problem was that it was bad for their preferred candidate, Joe Biden. Yes, it would have been inciting – inciting voters away from Joe Biden.

But now people are calling attention to a little Twitter problem that occurred and they’re not feeling this was just an accident.

As we reported, the story broke over the past week that Lincoln Project co-founder John Weaver allegedly sent inappropriate texts to young men over social media. The Lincoln Project then did a “Stalin” and excised Weaver from their site.

The reason soon became clear when Weaver than admitted that while he did send messages that were inappropriate, he cast them as “consensual” and claimed further accusations were a “smear.”

So naturally, this was a hot story that people were trying to look at on Twitter. Except there was a small problem. People began noticing when they tried to do searches of the group’s Twitter account, they weren’t able to.

A Twitter spokesperson told the Daily Caller News Foundation that the problem was a “bug that was fixed yesterday.”

Twitter did not immediately address why the bug apparently only affected searches for the Lincoln Project at a time when a co-founder, John Weaver, was facing allegations of sexual misconduct.

Funny coincidence that! Funny how the accidents and suppression only seem to go one way on Twitter.

But when you check if there’s a shadow ban on their search, check this out:

It shows there was a search suggestion ban. You can check yourself here to see if you have any form of a ban. I have the search suggestion ban and a reply rebooting ban. Twitter loves me!

Once again, Twitter, what gives? That doesn’t sound like you’re trying to elevate the conversation.

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