Twitter CEO Jack Finally Weighs In to Justify Booting Trump, It Doesn't End Well

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Looks like Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is getting that Americans are not happy with his actions.

Twitter booted President Donald Trump, booted many conservative accounts and that virtually every right-leaning account has lost a big chunk of followers decreasing the ability to reach people.


In response, many people fled Twitter to other places like Parler. That caused Twitter’s stock to take a huge dive into the toilet.

Then Big Tech tried to shut down Parler, Twitter’s competition, and almost destroyed them in two days.

All showing the scary power of Big Tech and the power that they wield even over the leader of the free world, more power even than any state. It woke people up and precipitated calls to against the censorship.

So now Jack after several days is now trying to justify his actions and explain himself. Sounds like he may have gotten a command from his board to clean up the mess.


It certainly sets a dangerous precedent. That’s true. But it didn’t stop Jack from inserting himself and stepping over the line of just being a forum. He’s become a publisher when he’s picking speech to approve and choosing sides.

See, that’s the problem, no, they can’t. They tried that, and Jack’s Big Tech buddies then destroyed that place. Parler is now suing in an antitrust action and they’re alleging collusion. Who can blame them? Because it surely looks like that.


Sorry, don’t believe you.

It’s not really very different when it’s become almost a monopoly or if there is indeed collusion between all the subsets of Big Tech to shut someone down.

Great. But you’re still inconsistent and you still took out the president of the United States. Even the European leaders and the president of Mexico called you out for that. What’s your explanation for the continued discrimination against folks on the right? If some were booted for “belief in conspiracy” that’s problematic because you’d have to boot 2/3 of the left that have pushed all kinds of conspiracy theories against Trump for four years.

He then oddly pitched Bitcoin. Huh?


Thinking not only is it hitting them in the pocketbook, but they know all this has amplified the calls to break up Big Tech and repeal their protections.

Doesn’t that all sound nice? Jack just wants unity and to help the world. I almost might believe it.

Except for the fact that they completely outed themselves when they blocked the Biden scandal story in October and suspended the NY Post, who’s only TOS violation was reporting news they didn’t like. This is pretty much a load of horse hockey.

Others also had a few things to say about Jack’s sanctimonious drivel.


Ben Domenech is married to Meghan McCain.

Abigail Marone is referencing when Jack claimed the ban on the url for the NY Post story on the Biden scandal had been lifted when in fact it hadn’t been.

Some minced no words.

Some pointed to the out and out hypocrisy.

He meant “not banned,” but you get the point.


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