Gab Mocks Jack Dorsey for Huge Twitter Stock Drop

Gab Mocks Jack Dorsey for Huge Twitter Stock Drop
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We saw after Big Tech companies, Apple, Google and Amazon all came together to take down Parler, that Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter mocked his competition being stomped.

Parler did have the most popular free App in the App Store until the effort against them. But when Apple and Google pulled their App and Amazon announced their AWS would be pulling the server out from under Parler, then Twitter’s Signal private messenger App became number one.

Here’s the tweet from Dorsey essentially rubbing that in.

But since Twitter pulled this move to boot the leader of the free world off its site, to boot many other people on the right and reduce the reach of virtually every right-leaning account with reducing followers, Twitter’s stock has taken a dive right down into the basement.

From NY Post:

Shares in the San Francisco-based company tumbled as much as 12 percent to $45.17 in the first trading session after it booted Trump from the platform on Friday, saying his account posed a “risk of further incitement of violence” after his supporters stormed the US Capitol on Wednesday.

The stock pared the losses through the morning and fell 6.4 percent to close at $48.18.

Now turnabout is fair play.

Gab, another social media organ that is competition for Twitter, mocked them back, tweeting, “Twitter lost $4 Billion today. LOL.”

Twitter was a spoil sport, apparently didn’t like being mocked and seems to have deleted the tweet.

People on the left then thought they could go after Gab, but no such luck. Gab has its own servers so they’re not at the mercy of Amazon.

Gab also tweeted about adding almost a million people per day now. But Twitter also deleted that tweet as well.

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