Was Antifa at the Capitol Protest? Here Are The Facts and the Guy Who Threatened to 'Rip Trump' Out of the White House

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Many people were spreading pictures yesterday of people who they thought were ‘Antifa’ at the Capitol protest/riot.

So I wanted to walk through some of the stories and highlight what’s true and what isn’t, at least in terms of the evidence we know at this point.


First of all,’horn guy,’ the guy who infamously made it to the speaker’s chair and was featured in many pictures with horns on his head and paint on his face. He’s an actor, as my colleague Jennifer Oliver O’Connell reported earlier. He’s been at events identifying as a Trump supporter as well as holding a Q sign and has been identified by local Arizona media as a Q supporter. There is a picture of him at a BLM protest, but he was allegedly there as a counter-protester holding a Q sign. The sign was cropped out as the picture was passed around social media.

Then there was a guy who was said to have a “hammer and sickle” on his hand. He and another man were identified as Philly Antifa. But the tattoo on his hand is not a hammer and sickle, it’s a tattoo related to the video game “Dishonored.” He and the other man were on the Philly Antifa page because they were being identified by Antifa as an alleged Neo-Nazis/supremacists.


So now onto someone who has in fact been involved in and organized BLM protests that resulted in violence, John Sullivan, who uses BLM and Antifa hashtags. Sullivan was at the doors inside the Capitol near Ashli Babbitt when she was shot. You can see him here:

Heidi Hatch also notes that Sullivan was been involved in violent BLM protests in Utah and faced charges.

Sullivan was arrested in July and charged with investigation of rioting, making a threat of violence and criminal mischief. He helped organize a protest that ended up in a motorist getting shot by another BLM person in Provo.

The police affidavit in the incident describes Sullivan this way.

From Deseret:

“As a protest organizer John Sullivan is heard and seen as he is promoting protesters to block roadways, keeping motorists from traveling lawfully and freely.”

Sullivan was also captured on video threatening to beat a woman in an SUV, according to the affidavit, and then kicking her door, leaving a dent.

Sullivan was seen with Jesse Taggart — the man charged with shooting the motorist — throughout the protest, the affidavit states.

“As a protest organizer, John Sullivan is heard talking about seeing the shooting, looking at the gun and seeing smoke coming from it. John did not condemn the attempted murder nor attempt to stop it nor aide in its investigation by police.”


Here he is threatening to rip the president from the White House in D.C. in August.

So was Sullivan arrested? No. He claims he was there to “document” what was going on but somehow ended up in that front group at the doors. But interestingly, CNN saw no issue with interviewing him. Anderson Cooper had him on to talk about what had happened.

There’s also a viral video going around that was cited in a story earlier about the shooting of Ashli Babbitt. The person takes it from right next to Babbitt, approximately where Sullivan was. Warning for being very graphic.


That video was also tweeted from an Insurgence-related account, “Jayden Alexander,” which also uses BLM and Antifa hashtags. It seems to be another account for Sullivan.

We’ll update as we get more in.


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