Jacob Angeli For The Win: The Narrative About The Capitol That Fell Flat on Its Face

AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

Thanks to our intrepid colleague Nick Arama, RedState was not the victim of what I am calling, “The Viking Man Hoax”.

A Facebook post that has since been taken down (no surprise) identified the man pictured and others as “Antifa Thugs”



Nick was offered this and other images and video, but his reporter skepticism kicked in, and rightly so. Nick did thorough research on his own, and let people know as early as yesterday afternoon that the story was a nothing burger at the least, and a fake at the worst.

The man in the Comanche buffalo headdress (not a Viking hat) is Jacob Angeli, an actor, voiceover artist, and a “Q-Shaman”. Unlike other people who shall remain nameless, I will not tell you his true last name, because I do not dox people. It is evil to do so for any reason, but especially because you disagree with someone’s political leanings.

Angeli is from Arizona, and is nowhere close to Antifa or even BLM as some outlets surmised. He’s a Q-Anon person, and a supporter of President Donald Trump. He has appeared at some Trump rallies, and has been at BLM protests, but as a counter-protestor.


I will write later about the false and destructive words being used by the media to paint what happened at the Capitol yesterday as some pro-Trump violent coup. There is no evidence that Angeli did any violence to get into the Capitol building. He sat in the Speaker’s chair, and engaged with the Capitol police, but the images display anything but violence. Business Insider will get a nod here because they at least have a measured headline.


The Washington Times, and other outlets ran with the Antifa angle, and mention Angeli, and now they are having to walk it back and delete tweets.

Reuters issued a fact check and other outlets are rushing to follow suit:

“On January 6, Angeli was photographed inside the U.S. Capitol (Reuters photographs can be seen here and here ) after demonstrators breached security defenses and entered the building.

“Angeli was captured by a Reuters photograph visible here in Phoenix, Arizona, on Nov. 7, 2020 during a “Stop the Steal” protest after the U.S. presidential election was called for Democratic candidate Joe Biden (here).

“Images from a November 6 article posted by local media outlet Cronkite News here show Angeli demonstrating among Trump-supporters with a sign that read “Hold the Line Patriots God Wins” and “Q Sent Me”.

“Some posts misleadingly feature a cropped photograph of Angeli ( www.twitter.com/KelemenCari/status/1346932668232069121/photo/1 , here ), where his sign that reads “Q sent me” has been cut out (the uncropped version is visible here ).”


Now some of these outlets have underpaid interns who could have easily done a cursory internet search—exactly what Nick did. Instead, they put out a story, that was retweeted many times, and that now has to be retracted.

That not only makes you look sloppy and incompetent, it makes you look stupid.

If the shoe fits…

Really, the person getting the most capital from this is Jacob Angeli. It’s been said that there is no such thing as bad publicity, and that may be true in this case. There is a lot of video and photographs of what happened in the Capitol, and besides broken glass and furniture, the only real violence done was by law enforcement to Ashli Babbitt, may she rest in peace.

They may try to throw the book at him, but I suspect any evidence will result in a reduction or dismissal of any charges. We shall see.

Angeli is now “the story”, and is getting some massive PR out of this. From entertainment’s Page Six:

“Jamiroquai lead singer Jay Kay was forced to deny that he was one of the rioters at the US Capitol on Wednesday after he began trending on social media.

“Twitter users noted the resemblance of one of the rioter’s Viking horns to Kay’s flamboyant headgear that he often donned while performing.

“ ‘Good Morning Washington, loving the headgear, but not sure that’s my crowd,” the English singer tweeted on Thursday. “Stay safe everyone, J xxx.’ ”



This may also parlay into some fresh entertainment gigs. A year from now, I suspect to hear Angeli as the voice advertising the latest tech product, or in some new limited series on Netflix.

Thanks to Trump, Jacob Angeli is still winning. I cannot say the same for the lamestream media.




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