Trump Supporters Stopped Agitators From Breaking Windows at Capitol Protest

Trump Supporters Stopped Agitators From Breaking Windows at Capitol Protest
AP Photo/John Minchillo

Liberal Media is using the actions of some of the people at the Capitol protest/riot to demonize all Trump supporters and indeed President Donald Trump himself.

But we wanted to note some things that the media is naturally ignoring in the interests of pushing that narrative.

First, we’ve already noted while they now condemn all the Capitol protesters, they were in favor of radical leftist actions that were similar or worse and didn’t care about their attacks on police or federal property. Indeed some of the media blamed President Donald Trump for the actions of those leftists in attacking the U.S. federal property in Portland, blaming Trump for daring to defend the police, protect the U.S. and protect their lives.

There were thousands who came out for the rally at the Capitol on Wednesday. People on the scene identified a group of folks in the front of the crowd that seemed largely in the main responsible for most of the violence against the building and the police. Most were not doing such things, although they were there at the rally.

You can see some of that group I’m talking about here in this video. One of them is trying to smash in a window with a baton while Trump supporters surrounding the group yell at them to stop and yell, “Antifa! Antifa.”

One supporter tries to stop the man with the baton. But the man tries to continue. He is then tackled by the Trump supporter.

I point that out not to excuse the people who did smash things but to point out that the large majority of the people were not into smashing things although liberal media is lumping all the people together. That is wrong. Now just because the people there called the smashers ‘Antifa’ doesn’t mean they were Antifa. As I wrote earlier, there’s evidence developing that there was some leftist presence on the scene. That said, there were certainly identifiable known Trump supporters who made it into the building.

I also wanted to point out this strange video. While there are definitely videos where there seems to be people who were battling with the police to get into the area, there was this odd video that has gone viral where police seem to just give way and let people by, with a guy waving people ahead.

I would note however, this isn’t them letting people into the building and it’s not clear why this occurred or where in the complex this was.

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