Swalwell Tries to Deflect from Chinese Spy Story by Attacking Tucker Carlson, Americans Let Him Have It

Swalwell Tries to Deflect from Chinese Spy Story by Attacking Tucker Carlson, Americans Let Him Have It
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Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) has made news in the past couple of weeks with the stunning news that he was among the people that a Chinese spy cosied up to in a long term effort by Communist China to influence politicians in California.

The FBI was just briefed on the effort to target lawmakers like Swalwell to get long term information.

As we reported earlier, now there are also reports alleging that Swalwell slept with the spy, Fang Fang. If so, he’s completely compromised and we don’t know what kind of blackmail there might be sitting out there.

What was incredibly ironic about the accusations was that Swalwell had been a big Russia collusion truther when he had this information sitting in his background. Meanwhile House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was cool with him being on the House Intelligence Committee, having access to all kinds of secret information. Where is the Democratic concern over this? There doesn’t seem to be any which is especially hypocritical given their four years of flipping out over the Russia collusion hoax. We all know after four years of screaming over Russia, they would have been all over this if this had been a Republican. But now they are very quiet about this when they should be asking legitimate questions.

It’s interesting, isn’t it, that Democrats get heads up from the FBI when there’s a question, but Republicans get targeted by the FBI under Democratic administrations. Funny how that works.

But now Swalwell is doing everything he can to distract and deflect from the issue by attacking Tucker Carlson. Swalwell has refused to comment on whether he slept with the spy, which is troubling in and of itself.

Now it’s not clear what Swalwell was trying to reference in his attack, it may have been Carlson’s comments about media not trying to suppress questions people might have about the vaccines. As we previously wrote, the left and some in media twisted his comments to be anti-vaccination which they were explicitly not.

But he wasn’t successful. It didn’t stop people from talking about him and the Chinese spy.

Swalwell even got a response from someone who works for the Chinese government media arm, CGTN.

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