More Info on the Funny Numbers in Michigan, Thousands of Votes May Now Be Coming Back to Trump, James

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We reported earlier about some of the problems going on in Michigan over the tabulation of the votes.

One big issue was in Antrim County, a heavily red pro-Trump county, that suddenly was reported as having gone heavily blue. Local people and others familiar with the make-up of the county knew immediately something was screwy in the reported totals. It immediately prompted an investigation today, as we reported earlier, with the county clerk admitting that something was clearly “skewed” about the totals.


The investigation is ongoing but they did obviously discover that the votes were wrongly given to Biden, that the actual vote tabulations didn’t match that.

From Detroit Free Press:

Antrim County Clerk Sheryl Guy, a Republican who ran unopposed and won a third four-year term Tuesday in the strongly GOP county, said results on electronic tapes and a computer card are accurate but it appears some of the results were somehow scrambled after the cards were transported in sealed bags from township precincts to county offices and downloaded onto a computer.

In 2016, Trump won Antrim County with about 62% of the vote, compared to about 33% for Democrat Hillary Clinton. Trump beat Clinton by about 4,000 votes.

Wednesday morning, Antrim results showed Democrat Joe Biden leading Trump by just over 3,000 votes, with 98% of precincts reporting.


So now they are going back over the tapes of the tabulations from the machines and counting them all manually to make sure they’re accurate.

Both Trump and senate candidate John James could benefit from a gain of some 4,000 to 5,000 votes, it is estimated.

So how did the numbers get scrambled? It’s still not clear.

Guy said she is trying to figure it out with the company that keeps the election equipment but she said the problem could also have been because of an unspecified “human error.” Not particularly reassuring and has this “error” been duplicated anywhere else? Seems why it happened is just as important as recounting to make sure the problem hasn’t been duplicated elsewhere. While it was obvious in Antrim, which flagged the problem, it might not be as obvious elsewhere.



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