NYT Leaves out Critical Facts in Story of BLM Supporter Who Allegedly Ran Over Two Trump Supporters

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BLM protest, Washington, D.C.


We reported over the weekend how a woman, identified by the police as Tatiana Turner, plowed her car into a bunch of Trump supporters in Yorba Linda, California.


The situation was that there were groups of BLM supporters rallying and Trump supporters in the same area who ended up at one point in the same parking lot.

According to an independent videographer who was there, BLM folks started causing trouble, including pepper spraying people, including him.

Then Turner allegedly drove the car into the Trump supporters, inflicting at least two with major injuries, according to the police.

It was obvious from the videos of the event and the descriptions of the people on the scene that the BLM supporter had allegedly driven the car and hit Trump supporters.

But it apparently wasn’t obvious enough for the New York Times.

Now, maybe they were too busy concentrating on putting out nothing burgers about the President’s taxes to be able to determine the simple facts in the case.

But if you read their story you wouldn’t know who was hit and who did the hitting, sort of critical facts in the story.

“California Driver Charged After Striking Two Protesters,” read their headline.

Nowhere does it identify the driver as a BLM supporter/activist organizer or say that the protesters were Trump supporters.

You didn’t even get that information in the text of the story.

“A woman was charged with attempted murder after the car she was driving struck two people during a demonstration for racial justice in California that clashed with a counterprotest on Saturday, the authorities said,” Times reporter Marie Fazio wrote without ever mentioning that Turner targeted Trump supporters.

After mentioning the victim did not suffer life-threatening injuries, The Times reported that “it was unclear whether they were part of the Caravan4Justice group or the counterprotest group because both groups had converged at the time.”


So, if you read their headline or story, you might think it was the BLM folks who were run over, feeding a false narrative that drivers target the BLM.

Even liberal outlets like NPR managed to get it right, but not so much the New York Times. The Daily Mail even got that it was an organizer who was behind the wheel.

So, are the folks over at The NY Times just lousy reporters, uninterested in the truth? Or, more likely, do they just want to publish things that push narratives? Because the latter is surely what it seems like.


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