Sharyl Attkisson Warns: Prepare for the 'Scheduled Scandals' Dropping Before November

Sharyl Attkisson Warns: Prepare for the 'Scheduled Scandals' Dropping Before November
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If anyone was surprised by the nonsensical lie being pushed by The Atlantic, they shouldn’t have been.

The story, from “anonymous sources” claimed that President Donald Trump didn’t want to visit an American cemetery in France because he said dead military members “losers” and “suckers.” Anyone reading that would know it was fake and it was immediately debunked from all quarters by people willing to go on the record. But it sounded a lot more like the offensive way that the left depicts the military.

The fact that such an obviously false story would be pushed shows how desperate they are at this point. It’s also pretty clear that one big font of support for the president and the GOP in general is the military. Consequently, Democrats have to find some way to unhinge that support.

It’s 60 days before the election. Democrats and their willing acolytes in the media have already shown that they are willing to do anything they possibly can to win back the White House.

“Full Measure News” Sharyl Attkisson had a warning for everyone.

“Scheduled “scandals” will be rolled out regularly between now & Nov. 3. The media, politicos, propagandists pretend it’s organic & pretend to be aghast. Most of America understands what’s going on. After all, it’s not exactly a new approach in politics.”

No kidding.

Expect a lot more, meant to completely disorient people and shake support from Trump.

We need to bust the media on this, whenever we see this. Attkisson is right this gives Democrats a powerful ally when they have so much of the media.

While there have always been “October surprises,” we’re going to see everything they can thrown up against the wall between now and then.

If the numbers we’re seeing are true with Trump either tied or in the lead, Democrats know they’re in trouble. They don’t have too many options. Spread all kinds of scandals, try to find ballots where ever they can. If they lose, they wouldn’t accept it and create chaos. Hopefully, our republic can stand strong against it.

Nancy Pelosi describes it, the “Wrap-up Smear.”

So don’t let it shake you, prepare, as Attkisson says, because wild things will be dropping between now and the election, guaranteed.

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