Meet the Other Dems Who, Like Pelosi, Were 'Rules for Thee, But Not for Me'

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been getting blowback after getting caught receiving a wash and blow out at a salon when salons have been closed because of the pandemic.

Pelosi got her hair done from a person who was basically renting the chair to do hair at the shop.

Her response was typical Pelosi which perhaps explains why “Marie Antoinette” was trending on Wednesday.

Pelosi claimed that she was “set up.” Imagine any responsible adult, much less a sitting Congresswoman and Speaker of the House using that as an excuse. She’s demanding that people adhere to the rules, yet pleads ignorance of them herself. Not only is that disgraceful, but going after the owner for speaking to media about her visit and claiming it’s a set up is making up nonsense to defend her own actions and endangering the owner. That owner has now received threats to her life, according to reports.

This wasn’t her first Marie Antoinette moment in regard to the virus, she also bragged about her designer ice cream in her expensive freezer while also bragging about blocking, at that time, the refunding of the PPP program to help Americans.

But this is typical entitled Democrat: rules for thee but not for me. They’ve browbeaten people into following all their lockdown rules but when they themselves want to violate it, they do. Because their hair, their walk, their visit to the gym, their trip to the lake is more important than all those people they’ve put out of work with their rules.

Pelosi isn’t the only Democrat who has done something like this, as the GOP spokesperson Elizabeth Harrington pointed out.

Here are some of the Democrats who want to dictate to you but have been nabbed not following the rules themselves.

All of these people thought that their desires were more important than your rights, including your right to be able to feed your family. All the politicians should be voted out.