BLM Rioters Knock Out Older Man Defending His Business, Business Owners' Heartbreaking Reaction to Destruction

AP Photo/Morry Gash

The BLM riots in Kenosha are just scenes that seem straight out of hell and it’s hard to imagine how the city comes back from it.

None of these people are protesters. They are all terrorists, terrorizing people for political ends, the very meaning of terrorism. These are not protests.

In a night of horrible acts there were some acts that really stood out.

There was this very dangerous act that my colleague Bonchie wrote about earlier, rioters pointing a gun at a reporter.

He also brandished the gun at another reporter while threatening the cops.

But perhaps the worst act was this one, knocking out an older man who came to defend his business.

We have to hand it to the woman filming who went to try to help the man and then called out the rioters for their actions. But there was little the man could do when all he had was a fire extinguisher against multiple rioters.

The BLM accounts like to excuse all this saying this is just property. But it isn’t. It’s this man and all the other people who were attacked, including the cop who was bricked in the head the prior night.

But attacking “property” is also not just “property.” It’s people’s lives and livelihood that they took years to build, through which they feed their families and the BLM criminals are destroying it all.

Elijah Schaefer interviewed some of the other business owners, something that you wouldn’t see much in the national media, the heartbreaking costs of the riots.

The rioters destroyed a business that this man’s family had built for 40 years.

This man had a few businesses on the same corner. All destroyed.

This woman didn’t hold back and let the rioters have it with some spicy language. Warning for language.