4D Chess: Trump Nukes Dems with Executive Orders, Leaves Biden 'Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Basement'

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President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting with U.S. tech workers, before signing an Executive Order on hiring American workers, in the Cabinet Room of the White House, Monday, Aug. 3, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

As my friend and colleague, Mike Ford, reported earlier, after Democrats tried to hold up signing a Congressional relief package to play games and get some of their long term agenda items, President Donald Trump has decided to go around them with executive orders that do the following:

-Suspend Payroll Tax through remainder of 2020, for those making less than $100,000.00, retroactive to August 1st. If reelected, his intent is to make these payroll tax cuts permanent.

-Continue the moratorium on evictions, while providing financial assistance to renters.

-Extend unemployment benefits at a rate of $400.00/week, $200.00 less than previous plan. This gets rid of the “stay home” incentive by making work more attractive.

-Defer Student Loan Payments.

So these provide tremendous help to Americans, encourage the return to work, encourage employers to hire more workers.

Now these are incredibly popular moves. But Trump made them. And it means the Democrats don’t get to hold Americans hostage for their agenda. So therefore Democrats are going to fight against them despite the fact that they’re popular and help Americans. Not because Democrats truly have any principled objection to them, but simply because they can’t hold Americans as hostage any more to get what they want.


Trump has truly boxed the Democrats in with this move. If they don’t fight against this, they lose the hammer to get things like mail-in voting and not just that. Trump busted them on other things like wanting to eliminate voter ID and signature verification when voting even in states that have it already. Why would they want that and what does it have to do with virus stimulus, he said. He just lights them up.

Brilliant. Americans can see clearly. They can also see the games Democrats have been trying to play.

If they do fight against it, they’re fighting against help to the American people. Not a good look. They’re gnashing their teeth over their predicament. They have promised to file a legal challenge, citing Congress’ constitutional authority to determine federal spending. But then, once again, they’re blocking relief to the American people. But now because of DACA, Barack Obama already set the precedent that is going to come back on them.


All the $13/pint designer ice cream in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s freezer can’t make up for how badly they are going to get scalded in the election if they go this route.


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