De Blasio's BLM Lettering Gets 'Paint Dropped' Again, Black Woman Explains Why She Did It

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There appears to be a whole group of people who are calling out Mayor Bill de Blasio’s endorsement of the BLM political group after he painted the letters in front of Trump Tower in New York City.


On Friday, a contingent of four people including a Hispanic man, a black woman and a transgender woman spilled blue paint all over it, calling it racist and saying that “all lives matter.” While three people were arrested, they were released quickly with a desk appearance ticket.

On Saturday, it was hit again by a black pro-life woman, Bevelyn Beatty, who said that the BLM doesn’t really care about black lives.

Warning for graphic language:

From Townhall:

“They do it for black people, right? Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter but you want to defund the police for black people,” she said as she dumped a bucket of black paint on the street. “No. They’re lying. We’re not standing with Black Lives Matter. We want our police. Refund our police! Refund our police!”

“Y’all don’t care about black lives. Get the paint. Y’all don’t care about black lives. Refund the police!” she screamed, walking up and down the mural,” Beatty said.

It’s true, that the BLM movement has cost black lives from people killed in the Seattle autonomous zone to people killed in New York City because of the disbanding of the anticrime unit.


The group apparently intends to keep doing it.

Here are the police saying they have to protect the lettering.

Beatty reportedly was arrested and given a desk appearance ticket and quickly released.

Guess what she did when she got out? She and others appear to have gone right back and done it again.

The group, “Operation Paint Drop,” said they were going to keep on doing it.



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