Watch How CNN's Brian Stelter Spins Concerns about Joe Biden over 'Cognitive Decline'


Brian Stelter

Brian Stelter and his cohorts on have made attacking President Donald Trump a constant on the network and one of their constant lines of attack is the allegation of Trump somehow being unstable.


They’ve run multiple segments with people discussing the 25th Amendment as regards Trump.

But of course, they’re just being objective journalists, right?

They’re not really rooting for a side or taking a position against Trump right? If the Democratic candidate had issues which some have termed “cognitive decline,” Stelter and his buddies would cover it as well, right?

So let’s look at what Stelter did in regard to the issue of Joe Biden’s very obvious issues.

He has on a Biden spokesperson, T.J. Ducklo, to defend Biden. Stelter allowed him to spew campaign talking points with virtually no pushback. Stelter also painted the concerns about Biden as something being pitched on Fox News, never mind that people are able to see the multiple videos of Biden themselves and many of the questions are being raised now by those on the left as well. “People know Biden, but some are also worried about his cognitive decline. That’s the claim we’re hearing, oftentimes on Fox News. Let me just show a few examples.” He showed short clips of what Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson said about Biden, but didn’t run any of the multiple videos of Biden being confused, gaffing, lying or making no sense.


The takeaway narrative clearly being: it’s just a Fox News claim. Please just ignore your own eyes and those videos. Not to mention the folks on the left calling it out.

According to Newsbusters, Stelter asked Ducklo what they were going to say/do in response to the concerns expressed about “dementia and Hunter Biden.”

STELTER: What’s the Biden campaign going to do to respond to that daily drumbeat?

DUCKLO: Well, look, Brian, Fox News, and Donald Trump and his allies had been throwing everything they have at us for the last 10 months and voters on Super Tuesday roundly rejected what they are selling. I think that this campaign has shown you over the last 10 months that we can take everything that people throw at us. We can address it head- on. We can address it aggressively.

STELTER: But for eight more months, it’s going to be dementia and Hunter Biden.

DUCKLO: But we can also — we can also keep our eye on the ball. We can walk and chew gum. And we can address those lies — and because they are, Brian. They are their lies, they are smears, they are invented claims.


No, what we see in front of our eyes are not lies and part of the problem is that Joe can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. He can barely stand in one place and speak coherently for seven minutes.

The Hunter Biden scandal has barely been touched yet and is being plummed by the Senate. So Ducklo is going to have to come up with a better response than “it’s all a smear.” We can see with our own eyes he got thousands from a board position for no experience so what were they paying for?

Pushback would have been running some of the many many videos and asking: What is going on here? Pushback would be what’s the explanation for Hunter Biden’s job?

But just remember Stelter and the others at CNN don’t root for a side.


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