Donald Trump makes fun of Ben Carson for saving lives

They tell me Donald Trump is pro-life. Despite his assertion he’d fund the “good aspects” of Planned Parenthood (even though he of all people should know money is fungible), I’m told this.

So imagine my surprise this morning to see that Donald Trump is making fun of Ben Carson for having a career centered on life saving, rather than pure profit.

This is how Donald Trump views the world. It’s purely about money. But Ben Carson, he worked his way from an angry youth on the streets of Detroit raised by his mother alone:

In his profile on the American Academy of Achievement website, it was noted that Carson “had a temper so violent that he would attack other children, even his mother, at the slightest provocation.” No doubt some of his anger stemmed from the conditions of his childhood. Carson’s father left his mother, Sonya, when he was only eight; his mother, who had only a third-grade education, was faced with the daunting task of raising her sons Ben and Curtis by herself. She worked as a maid, sometimes holding two or even three jobs to support her family. The family was poor, and Carson often endured the cruel taunts of his classmates.

(Ever notice how soft spoken Carson is? Trump makes fun of that too, but Carson chooses to be a man with a gentle voice. For good reason)

From those beginnings he became a top surgeon, saving lives in ways never before accomplished. Once hie achieved success, he founded the Carson Scholars program to help kids Think Big and achieve like he did.

dr. benjamin carson

But let’s say that again. Ben Carson made a career of saving lives. But Donald Trump thinks that’s worthy of derision.

Vote accordingly.

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