Tech at Night: Democrat thinks global censorship is possible

Look, anarchists are terrible. America should restore the old policy of deporting foreign anarchists, and jailing domestic ones. It’s a dangerous ideology and should not be treated as legitimate.

That said, Dianne Feinstein is an idiot. She’s blinded by ideology and believes in an all-powerful government, but in fact government can’t accomplish what she hopes.

Just like her gun control idea, which in practice would disarm the good guys and leave the bad guys with lethal weapons, her Internet censorship idea is awful. The bad guys aren’t going to obey the law. The good guys will get stuck with a bigger government. And that’s assuming global reach, something no US law would have.

Nobody cares about your interpretation of the First Amendment in Saudi Arabia, Dianne.

Let’s just hope regulation doesn’t ruin fiber Internet competition while it lasts.

The bad guys share information. If the good guys don’t share it, too, we’ll be at a disadvantage. We will be less safe.

Here’s the problem with comprehensive legislation: It picks winners and losers, and some say in the case of the patent bill, one of the winners is well-connected Google.

Snapchat is regulating that software uses its services. Imagine if they had to be ‘net neutral’ due to regulation. That would harm innovation.

Will the FCC try to regulate ICANN, throwing a wrench in the ‘multistakeholder’ model idea some have?

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