Tech at Night: The Net Neutrality bill gives them all they've asked for

So it’s really all about Net Neutrality right now. In case you missed it, I gave a summary of the events earlier this week. I can add to that this further update: all information I have with respect to the bill says it’s a good one.


I said before this isn’t about winning. This is about not losing. But the Thune/Upton bill is probably going to be much better than that.

I’m expecting the Net Neutrality bill will address the core issues that the left-wing activists have been pointing out for years: arbitrary, abusive filtering and throttling against the wishes of customers, and outside of any reasonable network management. Keeping the Internet open.

If they get all that, that’s what Net Neutrality is all about, right? If the bill does nothing but preserve openness, protect choice and innovation, while blocking Title II Reclassification (regulating the Internet under 1930s-era phone regulations by fiat), what reason does the President not have to sign it? It would be a great bipartisan affirmation of what is needed, right?

What the Democrats do on this will be telling. If we give them a bill that does what they’ve asked for, and they stonewall anyway, what’s that say? It says their agenda was something else. It’ll prove I was right all along, and they were lying, won’t it?


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